“The Bridal Bouquet”


Yesterday, we talked about the garter.   Today it’s only fair that we give equal time to the bridal bouquet.


In the photo directly above, you will see a picture of my very own bouquet. If I had it to do over again, I would have more red in my bouquet, (that was my color, red!), and less white. My bridesmaids had the red bouquets. I wish I would  have given them the white ones. I think it makes a nice contrast against the ladies dresses, bride AND bridesmaids. I’m trying to steer Maggie in that direction, but we’ll see…

I also like the ball style bouquets, although a more modified shape. I think Maggie does too.

Our florist has very generously offered to provide us with a “tossing” bouquet, so Maggie can keep her original, and have it preserved. I did the same, and kept several lovely flowers from my bridal bouquet in a crystal jar on my dresser for 27 years. It survived all our corporate moves, until one day, in my haste over an inconsequential thing, I knocked it over and it smashed to the floor. I cried.  Kenny gave me a hug and said that, “… those dried flowers weren’t really what defined our marriage.”  And let’s face it, they WERE looking a little ratty…  :-/    Below is a picture of some of my single friends trying to catch my bouquet.

Top photo: www.weddingflowersforyou.net

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