“Bridesmaid Dresses”

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Ahhhh… the bridesmaid dresses.  If one thing, besides the bride’s own gown, can cause stress, it’s the bridesmaids dresses.  There are so many opinions, so many different body types, different age groups, out of town friends… It COULD be a nightmare.  Best thing to do, is find one point person to speak for all.  Just in our house, with three of the six bridesmaids being sisters of the bride, there was a lot of dissension. 

Tess, 17, was the point person for Maggie. We ordered a couple of dresses… ( Be careful whom you order from. The return policy on most bridesmaids dresses is all but not existent).

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The first dress we ordered had armholes so tiny, the dress couldn’t even be zipped – yet the company refused to take it back. They said they’d “fix” the problem. I think not. I’m just going to dispute it with American Express.  They always take care of me. The second dress was perfect, if a little big. This will help us advising the other bridesmaids on their size selection.Now I’ll give you no information on the selected dress- but one hint… It’s neither style or color of the above dresses. :-)
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