“Choosing the Best Reception Site…for YOU!”

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We thought of all options, or at least I THINK we did.  We contemplated a reception at the house, with a tent in the back – Kenny wasn’t a fan of this.  It DID create problems I hadn’t thought about… porta-potties would have to be rented, we didn’t have a commercial size kitchen for the caterer to use…

We then moved on to the local country club.  That was a viable option, we know it well, the food is good, the scenery breathtaking, and it was in town. But it posed it’s own set of concerns – we had to serve their liquor, no special choices could be made, the menu was limited to THEIR options, (Heidi, our chosen caterer, worked with us, and was flexible to more vegetarian options), and they were  very firm on their reception hours. 

Debbie checked a local boathouse on the Connecticut River, beautiful – but there were some concerns about alcohol consumption.

Maggie and Rob came across the “Wadsworth Mansion” in Middletown, CT.  I was unaware of it, but apparently, it’s a sought after site.  Tomorrow, I’ll tell you all about their selection, its offerings, and how the caterer is incorporated! — Keep scrolling for the last picture!

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The picture above is our actual head table where the bride and groom sat for dinner with their wedding party.



The photo above shows the interior of “The Mansion”  The “Mother of the Bride” just may be in this shot…

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