“The Garter”


There are two traditions that no matter what part of our great country you live in, are observed at weddings.  One is the tossing of the bouquet to all the unmarried women at the wedding, and the other is the flinging of the garter to the unmarried men.

The retrieval of the garter can be a bit risque.  I chose to not sit on the chair provided, but to instead place my foot in the chair.  This enabled an easy retrieval.  I also placed it below my knee… I have been to some weddings where I blushed at the antics involved in obtaining the garter.

Rob has a very inventive idea to toss the garter to the waiting crowd, and if the weather’s good, from a lovely venue.

Brides, consider buying two garters, (and yes, wearing both!), one to toss and one to save and maybe hand down to your daughters to wear on their big day.  It could become a family tradition, to wear the family heirloom, and toss and new one!

I didn’t think of wearing two.  I wish I had.  Kenny had to toss my one and only garter.  I lost it forever.  But I had a second chance.   When I converted to being a Roman Catholic – we had to get married all over again -with witnesses and the whole 9 yards.  We even had a little reception after.  I feel very confident that church does not impose this requirement today.  But I tell you this because…I wore a garter that day, and saved it for my wished for daughters…

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