“Your Grand Departure – Make A Statement!”


A bride’s Grand Departure…If I had it to do all over again…I would arrange a very romantic, scripted departure from our wedding reception.  I would leave about an hour before the band was due to end — almost everyone was still in attendance.  I would have the guests follow us out to our waiting limo and throw birdseed… the environmentally friendly alternative to rice at the time.  There are so many other options out there now for rice alternatives. But for Kenny and me, this would have raised a few logistic glitches.  We were staying at the hotel were the reception was held… where would the limo take us?  :-)


But then again, we would have missed a few of Kenny’s friends dancing on the tables at the very end of the evening… yes, we had a tasteful, classy affair, but at the end…fun was to be had…

You planned so much for your special day, don’t let your wedding end on an uncertain note.  Be bold, let everyone know you are one your way to your new life.  Make your exit one to remember. See some pictures below for just a few rice throwing alternatives, champagne bottle shaped bubbles, flower petals, colored confetti, sparklers, and even leaves, birdseed and herbs…although I don’t have a picture for that!





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