“Maid of Honor”



Attendants are a big part of your wedding.  They literally stand up for you.  They represent you, they support you.  Questions to ask: 1) Can your attendants be relied on?  I kid you not.  I know of a bride who had one of her bridesmaids just did not show the day of the wedding!  2) Are your attendants the whiney type?  Or will your day be all about you, as it should?   and 3) Can you depend on them to be responsible on the big day?  Or will they be the type to “overindulge”?  Maggie is very lucky.  She has four built-in bridesmaids, her three sisters, and her future sister, Amanda – Rob’s sister.  She was able to ask two college friends as well.  They are all lovely, “reliable” girls.

But the maid of honor is the one who all the heavy lifting falls to.  That is Kathleen, or as we call her, KK, pictured in the top two photos.  (The top photo is of Kathleen giving her “Maid of Honor Speech!)

I will give credit where credit is due, and Maggie DOES realize how lucky she is to have Kathleen in her corner.  Kathleen has organized everything from a family shower to the Bachelorette party to planning what to pack in the all important  “Bride’s Emergency Kit.”  (And all those pesky little details in between). Don’t worry… you will hear all about the design of those two major parties in future posts, and what is VITAL to pack the in the “Bride’s Emergency Bag”!

Below is an old picture of the whole crew of “Karnes Girls.”  From left to right, Tess, (now 17), Maggie – the bride, Julia, (now 14), and KK.




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