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Remember when you were planning YOUR wedding?  After it was all done, didn’t you feel like you could be a professional wedding planner?  I sure did.  Then…thirty years pass, and things change.  And I felt like a complete novice… well, I am.  I had only planned one wedding up to this point…

So here are a few things I picked up planning Maggie’s wedding:

1) Did you know that there is a special wedding stamp which allows for the extra weight of the invitation, while not being the price of two stamps?  I didn’t, but what a money saver!  It retails for .70 cents.  (See the picture above) OR…you may want to go on-line and order more personalized wedding stamps. www.zazzle.com/wedding+forever+stamps  These can be printed with the bride and groom’s names, and are completely valid US postage stamps!  Of course there is a fee involved.

The picture below is a lovely rose stamp which can be used for the return envelopes for the response cards.  Speaking of which…

2) Consider numbering the backs of the response cards.  Think about it.  If someone forgets to put their return address on the response card, which will be returned to your home address, how do you know if they have ordered the salmon, or the chicken?  When the response cards start coming in the mail, quickly record a “yes” or “no” on your master list, and what the meal choice is.

3) And when those response do start flowing in, have a basket in which to keep them separate from the regular mail. And get to those cards nightly.  Don’t let them get away from you.

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