“Wedding Cakes!”



Ah, the Wedding Cake! Is there any one item that is more iconic than that delicious delight? From the beauty of the confection, to every brides’ fear that her groom will smash that first bite in her face.

My mother had two requests for our wedding. Number one: that Kenny didn’t paint “Help Me!” on the soles of his shoes for all to see when we knelt at the alter… and number two: that he not smash the cake in my face. He did neither. And Robert, those are my two requests as well, when you marry our daughter. :-)


So…back to the cake… so many choices. What should the cake flavor be? Filling? Frosting or fondant? Fresh flowers or edible? Will you be serving dessert as well as the cake? Do your homework. Go on-line, look at magazines, visit Pinterest…get an idea of what you like, then the fun begins!

Best thing to do, (and the most enjoyable!), is to go for tastings. We did, and let me advise…go hungry! The bakers were all generous, the offerings plentiful. You can have about any flavor of cake, (from red velvet to pumpkin spice) and filling combination you can imagine. Not only should the cake taste good, but you want to be assured that it will be a work of art as well. And there IS a difference in aesthetics.



Make sure your baker is reliable too. Be conscience of price. And remember, all is negotiable.

Few things are as more important than the wedding cake.


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