Wedding Flowers For Your Honored Ladies


There are four ways an honored wedding guest can display flowers — a pin on corsage, a wrist-let, a kissing ball, and a carry bouquet.  I was familiar with all the options except the kissing ball (see pictures above and below).  I think it’s unique and pretty.


The mother of my daughter’s groom, Debbie, introduced me to a 5th way…

For my younger daughter’s  prom, Debbie purchased a bracelet, gave it to the florist, and had her attach the flowers right onto the bracelet!  It was beautiful, and the bracelet is something my daughter can always keep.  It’s a nice memory, AND a lovely piece of jewelry!



The picture above is of the lovely prom ladies.  My daughter, Tess, is second from the left in the blush colored dress.  Her flowers are white, and as mentioned above, attached to her bracket.  While the other girls’ flowers slid around on their arms as their elastic wrist-lets stretched out throughout the night, her’s stayed in place.

photo #1 image: My new mystery, “Simply the Best” by Mary P Karnes, available on e-book format from amazon, Barnes and Noble and Apple iBooks, about a wedding planner in Santa Barbara, CA

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