“Wedding Flowers”


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The above two photos were from my daughter’s wedding.  They’re the real deal, not a google image.  I was most please with our florist.

Flowers are a big part of the wedding.  They are beautiful,  and your color scheme is tied together through them.  Additionally, they are a lovely gift to honor those special guests: grandmothers, grandfathers, loved ones.

It is also a significant expense.  Can the florist you choose be relied on to get the arrangements “to the church on time”?  Can he be trusted to use the freshest flowers, and most cost-effective blossoms?  Is he over-priced? Or does your florist give you a heads up, and honestly tell you that one of your flower selections is not in season, and will send your bill through the roof?
All good questions. 

We had a second meeting, to get a visual of flower types and combinations, and she sent us home with this gem.  Sometimes, it’s the little things…

The best thing to do, and I know you know this, is to ask around.  I asked friends who have already gone through the process.  Two local florists were mentioned the most, so Maggie and I “interviewed” both.  The first was a winner.  She was professional, creative, attentive.  I’m not saying the second one was professional, but she was rushed and distracted.  Both estimates were within a few hundred dollars of each other, so the cost was not a factor. 

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