Wedding Invitations


The all important wedding invitations.  It sets the tone for your entire wedding.  Your color scheme, your style – casual, formal, whimsical.

When Debbie, (Rob’s mom), and I went to the Bridal Fair, there was OF COURSE a vendor for invitations.  It was four months before the wedding.  The sales person asked if we had invitations yet – we did not.

     “OH MY GOD!” she wheezed.  “Your wedding is in four months and YOU DON’T HAVE YOUR INVITATIONS!!!”  She lost a sale on pure principle alone.

Did I go into panic mode — yes, yes I did.   (FYI, we have the invitations now).

I raced home, only to discover that Maggie had things well under control.  Yes, you can spend thousands and THOUSANDS of dollars on the invitations, but you don’t have to.  There are so many options out there -


You can choose from “print your own from your computer”, to engraved invitations – with many options in-between.  And let me tell you — you can receive gorgeous invitations in three business days! Maggie’s are lovely.  She put a lot of time and effort into them. We will address them by hand in calligraphy – I did for my own wedding.  But you can also hire a calligrapher, at GREAT expense.  I think after the wedding, I may start up a little business…


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