Pamper Those Out-Of-Town Wedding Guests!


Pamper those out -of -town wedding guests! If you are having wedding guests who are traveling and you can not accommodate them in your home, reserve a block of hotel rooms in your area NOW.  You can usually get a discounted rate, and if you meet the room number goal they set for you, you just may get a free room for your wedding night, or a room for the bride to dress in on her big day.  That is what my daughter did. We had several family members staying with us in our home, and she didn’t want to share a bath, and didn’t want to frazzle us with ‘wedding day jitters.”



Another nice touch, is to create gift bags for your out-of-town wedding guests.  I had no time to do this, but Debbie, mother of the groom did.  Her bag’s were a thing of beauty.  And the items she selected were so thoughtful.  They included: tote bags, tissues, kids juice, small toys for children, a copy of the scheduled “Out of Town and Family Brunch” invitation, a map of our town, a guide book of our town, water, pretzels, popcorn, (yes, the rooms had microwaves!), sleep masks, energy bars, cracker jacks, coupons to the local health club, mints, a nail file, and other snacks.  For travelers arriving late, this was a god-send!

The Hilton Garden Inn, where we had our Hotel Block, was most accommodating.  It rained the day of Maggie’s wedding, and they very graciously allowed us to take pictures inside their facilities.  And when I staggered to the reception desk and begged for a cup of coffee — they graciously delivered – No questions asked.  I think they took one look at my face and thought it was in everyone’s best interest to get me that cup of joe asap!


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