Would you DARE to BARE Your Arms at Your Daughter’s Wedding?



Would you ‘DARE to BARE’ your arms at your daughter’s wedding?  I SWORE I never would.  Let’s face it…we MOTHERS of the bride do NOT look as we did as BRIDES…  Then came my search for my “Mother of the Bride” dress.  If you’d like to read about it, click on the following titles of pervious blog posts:  “My Personal Shopper Experience – Mother of the Bride Dress” ,  “Mother of the Bride Dress Personal Shopper – Part II”  or even “Mother of the Bride Dress”

Well…I found what I thought was the perfect dress, and in my very favorite color.  Not only that, the color complemented the wedding colors, and my daughter Maggie, the bride, liked it.  Perfect, right?  Wrong.  It was SLEEVELESS.  It takes a lot of work to keep your arms toned as a woman of a certain age.  I really wasn’t up to countless hours in the gym just so I could wear a sleeveless dress.  But boy oh boy…did I love that dress…

So I did something very unlike me.  I bought the dress, costing more than my own wedding gown 30 years ago, and gambled.  I gambled that I would exercise and like how my arms looked in the dress.  But life got in the way, and I did very little – but guess what!…a quick plan I put together last minute worked!  Here’s what I did …

1)  I bought a set of hand weights, 5 pounds each.  I placed them in a spot where I walked by frequently during my day at home. Every time passed the weights, I did a series of lifts with the to the count of 16.

2)  As the wedding day approached, I still wasn’t completely satisfied.  My 17 year old daughter said to me, “You know, Mom, there’s a firming cream that you can use on your arms that really works.”  First of all, what does a 17 year old know about the need for, and success of, a firming cream???  So I snorted, “Yeah, right, Tess.”

But desperate times call for desperate measures.  I bought the cream.  And really truly, it worked!  My arms WERE firmer and appeared to be more toned.  The trick is to rub it on twice daily, religiously, and start at least 2 weeks before your event.  ‘What is this miracle cream?’, you ask, “Fat Girl Slim Arm Candy,” by Bliss.  I know, I know, not the most complimentary name.  But hey.  I also rubbed it on the back of my hands, and noticed a difference there too.  Bliss has a whole line of firming and toning creams.  I can’t wait until I splurge on my next one.  It’s available on line, blissworld.com and at retails stores such as Sephora and Ulta.

Please note below two pictures of me in my “Sleeveless Dress.” :-)

Patty Cloherty Photos


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