Be Prepared For Any Wedding Disaster


You know it’s going to happen…Something is going to go wrong…And really you can’t be plan for everything.  But you can try to be prepared for any wedding disaster.  The best thing to do?  Accept the fact that something will go awry.  You can not control others.  You can give instruction, but you can not be everywhere to check up on people.

Did anything go wrong at my daughter’s wedding?  You bet it did.  First off, I wore stockings with my open toed wedding shoes, and on my trip down the isle, I just about walked out of my sandals.  Note to self…Next time, stick a little two sided tape on the heel and toe of my shoes to provide some friction.

What about the missing “Toss Away Bouquet’?  Our florist forgot to provide the promised bouquet for my daughter to throw to the single ladies.  I couldn’t have her throw her own bouquet.  That was to be saved, dried and preserved.  So I grabbed flowers haphazardly from the head table’s centerpiece and quickly made a, quite lovely bouquet, in record time.  Maggie did not even know the “toss away” was missing until I told her weeks later.  (My next blog post will give instruction on how to preserve your bridal bouquet).

wedding disaster

Another item gone missing was the guest book.  We hand delivered it to the on-site wedding coordinator the day before, but alas, at the reception, it was no where to be found.  The two young ladies in charge of the guest book tracked it down and got as many signatures as possible.

So my best advice to you…is accept that something will go wrong, but surround yourself with people who can be ready to have your back in a pinch.


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