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A Third Wedding Dress?

A third wedding dress?  Would you really be that extravagant?  Some brides these days are.  According to www.theknot.com, it’s quite the new trend.  A blurb from theknot.com follows below: “Why have one dress when you can have three? We’ve heard of brides changing their dress for the reception or late night for the after-party. Now, a few fashion-forward brides are actually choosing three different gowns for each part of the day.

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More Wedding Dress Bustle Ideas

Even more wedding dress bustles???  Yes, there are at least three more types, in addition to the three I posted in my blog post, “Wedding Dress Bustles…A Must If You Wear A Train”  Just click on the title to the left if you’d like to read it. The Pick-Up Bustle is for slender, fitted gowns.  The train is much shorter.   There is usually one hook at the back of the gown

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Wedding Dress Bustles, A Must If You Wear A Train

  What is a wedding dress bustle, and do you need one?  A bustle is a way of drawing up your train so you can walk freely around your reception without being a hazard to yourself and others.  There are six main types.  Not only must you consider the aesthetics of the bustle, but the size of your train, your dress style and the weight of your dress fabric.  My

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