Choosing the shoes to suit the season: Autumn

More and more of my friends are deciding to get married outside the traditional wedding season, citing cooler temperatures and more affordable venue prices as their reason for setting the date in autumn. I’m amazed at how they’ve each found different ways to tie the season into their choice of colours, decorations and dress. But ladies, don’t forget about your shoes!

Autumn wedding

Say no to white

Autumn offers the chance to shun the traditional white and go for beige, cream, or if you so dare, even bolder autumn toned colours (brown, orange and yellow). Warm tones like gold and copper can also be great choices, just make sure they don’t clash with your jewellery! If you’re going for a more neutral coloured shoe you can reflect the seasonal theme by choosing autumn coloured embellishments or add them yourself by selecting a jewelled shoe clip.

Beige wedding shoes

Feeling bold?

Rustic weddings have been the rage the past couple years and are sure to continue to be in style this upcoming wedding season. If your big day features burlap, twine and autumn foliage, you may consider going for a more daring shoe choice to reflect the theme, maybe even cowboy boots! If you want to keep your ceremony more elegant, consider following the footsteps of Reese Witherspoon who wore Jimmy Choo’s down the aisle but changed into cowboy boots for the reception at her own 2011 wedding.

Keeping it more traditional

If you’re one of those brides who doesn’t want to go all out with an autumn theme, there are still some things to keep in mind when choosing your shoes. Firstly, unless you’re getting married in early September or in an exceptionally warm climate, this is the time to avoid overly strappy sandals.  Personally, I’d still choose to subtly reflect the season by going for a peep toe with lace detailing, or dark crystal embellishments. A ribbon in a warmer colour would also add the perfect touch!

To all of my girlfriends getting married this autumn, I certainly hope I see this advice reflected in your wedding day shoe choices!

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