Saying “I do” to high heels on your wedding day

When my best friend Lauren and I were little, our favourite way to spend the afternoon was to slip on a pair of our mum’s high heels.  It didn’t matter that they were twice the size of our feet; we loved daydreaming about being all grown up and our favourite fantasy of all involved grabbing a fake bouquet of flowers, humming the wedding march, and imagining that our high-heeled feet were carrying us off to marry our own prince charming.

High heel therapy

As I’ve grown older, my appreciation for heels has only become stronger. I swear by “high heel therapy” for boosting my mood when I’m not feeling as cheerful or girly as I’d like. This means heading to my wardrobe and slipping on a pair of stilettos to feel instantly slimmer, stronger and more feminine.  My favourite pair right now is reminiscent of the Stuart Weizman sandals that Alessandra Ambrosio was spotted wearing at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Love that heel!

Practice makes perfect

When the man of Lauren’s dreams finally popped the question, there was no doubt she’d be wearing high heels on her big day. But she wondered if there was such a thing as “too high” when it came to picking out her shoes. Since the groom towers above her, she decided that the sky was the limit as long as she picked out a quality pair of shoes. Now she just had to find time to break them in before the big day!  Lauren’s got a good sense of humour, so I couldn’t help but remind her that all of Carrie Bradshaw’s practice wearing heels around NYC had really served her well when she had to chase down Mr. Big on their intended wedding day. Even though Lauren knows that she won’t be running after her groom, she’s well aware that she’ll be spending a lot of hours on her feet and all that practice in her heels is sure to help her carry out all her bridal duties with a smile on her face.

Carrie’s unforgettable wedding dress

Enjoy reliving our little girl fantasies Lauren! Only a few short weeks and it’ll be your dream come true!

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