The shoes make (or break!) the wedding dress

I’ve reached that time in my life where my summer weekends are booked up with weddings! And this means plenty of opportunities to tag along to look for the perfect shoes. But before we start shopping, my first question to the bride-to-be is always, “What style is your dress?” Depending on her answer, I have the following advice to offer:


Short or tea length

I’ve been to summer weddings where the bride has gone for a shorter gown and it’s made me realize that a short dress gives you the chance to really show off your shoes!  Since they’ll be on display at all times, it’s absolutely essential that your shoes balance out the style of your shorter dress. If it’s decked out with beading or lace, you’ll want to go with a simple and elegant shoe. But if you have something more basic, spice it up with something that draws attention to the shoes. Think sparkles or lace.


Sheath, column or mermaid

While the length of these dress styles means that your shoes won’t constantly be visible, they’re bound to be seen by your guests at some point in the night. Since these styles hug your body and show off your curves, it’s best to continue with the sexy, feminine theme and pick out a stiletto or peep toe shoe. Keep in mind that the front of the dress will likely graze the top of your shoe, so you don’t want any oversized decorations that your gown could get caught on and keep you from walking naturally.

Rachel Simpson

Rachel Simpson shoes


A-line or ball gown

This is my dream wedding dress style. Even though this style means that my guests will be amazed by my flowing gown rather than my shoes, I still think it’s essential that they complement one another. If I go for a beaded bodice, a simple heel will do. But if I opt for something along the lines of the stunning, yet classic, ball gown worn by Lauren Parsekian, bride of Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, I’ll want to have something flashy to show off when my photographer asks me to lift up my gown for a shot of my carefully chosen wedding day footwear.

Hello, shoes!

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