A splash of colour on your wedding day

One of the reasons I love shoes so much is that they offer the perfect chance to show off our personality. But how many of us feel our true selves reflected in white, ivory and beige? Not me! That’s why I’ll be wearing a brightly coloured shoe under my own wedding dress. If you feel like adding a dash of colour to your wedding style, read on!

Blue wedding shoes

Blue wedding shoes


Not all colourful shoes are created equal

While steering away from the traditional white shoe opens up a world of options, it does not give you permission to choose the most colourful shoes you can find. I was horrified when my childhood friend Christine paired her white beaded wedding dress with…floral pumps! When choosing a coloured shoe for your wedding, my biggest piece of advice is to make sure it doesn’t clash with the style of your dress or draw too much attention away from it.


Something blue

It’s a day that only happens once, and you want to make sure that luck is on your side. That’s why a lot of brides use their shoes to make sure they’re wearing ‘something blue’ when they tie the knot. If entirely blue shoes are too bold for you, you could also consider going for a blue-soled shoe, like the Manolo Blahnik’s worn by Kate Moss at her 2011 wedding to Jamie Hince.


More colour choices

Chances are you’ve chosen your wedding colours to reflect your personality and taste. So, why not consider a shoe in one of these colours? One particular trend I’ve seen popping up in recent years is for the bride to go for a shoe in the colour of her bridesmaid’s dresses, while the bridesmaids wear a neutral shoe. If that’s too much colour for you, you can also choose shoes that match your jewellery or the embellishments on your dress. Think gold, copper, and even glittery shoes!

Bright pink heels

I hope these tips help all those brides-to-be to put their best, most colourful, foot forward when they walk down the aisle!

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