Groom’s shoes: Mr Right from head to toe

It’s not just my girlfriends who look to me for wedding shoe advice. When my closest guy friend popped the question earlier this year, he asked me for help in choosing his footwear. Little did he know that even grooms have a lot to consider when it comes to shoes.

The groom has fashion choices to make too.

The groom has fashion choices to make too.

First things first

Before choosing their shoes, grooms need to make sure they’ve got their suit or tux colour and style nailed down in order to coordinate the whole outfit. But you can’t wait until the last minute either! Just like their bride, men need to make sure they buy their footwear with plenty of time to break them in before the big day.


You can judge a man by his shoes

While all eyes are on the bride on the day of the wedding, they’ll also be glancing to her side to see if she’s picked a guy with good fashion sense. To ensure your guests give you their stamp of approval, keep in mind the following things when choosing your shoes:

  • Colour: The two most traditional options are black and brown. While black is more versatile and formal; brown shoes, especially paired with grey suits, are becoming increasingly popular.
  • Shape and style: The Oxford, the Monk and the Loafer, to name a few. Whether you go for laces, buckles or slip-ons, the Oxford is without a doubt the most formal. If comfort is essential to you, steer clear of box-toed shoes.


Thinking outside of the box

What if you’re looking to express your personality or go more casual?  In the past couple of years, I’ve spotted grooms wearing cowboy boots, vintage wingtips, or using their shoes to infuse a little colour into their outfit. Some grooms even choose to wear sneakers, such as Sugar Ray singer Mark McGrath who stayed true to his rock star style by donning blue Converse on his wedding day.

Let your personality shine!

I hope all the grooms-to-be out there have just as much fun as the brides when picking out their shoes. It’s your big day too!

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