Choosing your bridal party shoes

When my best friend Lauren got married this summer, I had the honour of being her bridesmaid. Since she already had so many things on her plate, I was eager to help her out in any way I could and my favourite job of all? Helping choose the shoes for the bridal party!

Their shoes don't always have to be all the same!

Their shoes don’t always have to be all the same!

It’s all about the dress

There’s less to worry about if your bridal party is wearing long dresses, but the popular shorter dress styles leave shoes on full display. This means you’ll have to consider how the dress style and shoes complement each other. A sweetheart neckline might call for a feminine shoe, like a peeptoe; whereas a halter dress looks great with a basic wedge. Similar fabrics can be a smart choice and some of the best colours are nudes, silvers, and golds. You don’t want to go for anything too flashy that will draw attention away from the bride, but I’d also opt for something more exciting than plain black courts.

Although Keira Knightley looks amazing as usual in black courts


All the same

If you want the bride to stand out, then your bridesmaids should look relatively similar. This is why bridesmaids have traditionally all worn the same colour dress and shoes. Another way to pull off this uniform look is to have shorter bridesmaids wear heels or wedges while taller bridesmaids wear flats or kitten heels so that everyone has a similar height.


Mix it up

A popular trend in weddings is for brides to let their bridal party choose their own dresses. Now this trend is being seen in footwear too! Even if the bride decides what dress her bridesmaids will wear, she gives them free reign to choose the shoes that they feel best match their own personality and comfort level.


I decided that the best route for Lauren’s wedding was to have the bridal party wear nude, peeptoe heels. They were the perfect complement to the mismatched peach dresses that we each chose!

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