Perfection with Freya Rose wedding shoes

Mention the name Freya Rose and my eyes light up! I adore her wedding shoes and her bridal footwear is to die for. Her latest collection ranges from bejewelled stilettos to gorgeous embroidered satin slippers.

What makes Freya Rose wedding shoes special are their design and craftsmanship, as well as the materials used, like French Chantilly lace. What bride doesn’t want to flash a bit of haute couture on her big day?

The 'Reiki' is just one of the many made of French Chantilly lace

The ‘Reiki’ is just one of the many made of French Chantilly lace

Handmade heaven

Not surprisingly, many celebrities have a big crush on Freya Rose shoes! Una Healey from The Saturdays chose one of the ‘Della’ designs for her wedding day, a luxury Duchess ivory silk peep toe shoe with a mother-of-pearl mosaic.

Freya Rose is definitely not a crowd follower and it’s her creativity which sets her apart from other designer brands. Her shoes are decorated by hand after they’ve been made. Silk flowers sprinkled with Swarovski crystals and seed pearls are just some of the magnificent embellishments you can find.

‘Nadia’ is made with Swarovski crystals

My favourites from the 2015 collection include the ‘Cinderella Slipper’. You’ll look like you’ve stepped right out of the fairy tale with this open-toe shoe encrusted with crystals!

Another winner is the Chantilly lace insert peep toe ‘Miobootie, decorated with crystals, seed pearls, delicate silk and mother-of-pearl flowers. Or what about the stunning ‘Libby’ shoe, dyed champagne and customised with Aaleyah detailing and Haywood clips?


Pricey perfection

For those of you who are not acquainted with the world of Freya Rose shoes, a word of advice: they are pricey, but they are exclusive!

You can pick up Freya Rose footwear from their stockists in selected cities across the UK. The shoes are also available online from the company or from websites like Elegant Steps which specialise in bridal shoes. They often have some special offers which are worth checking out!

Perfection usually comes at a price. And if you are going to splash out on your bridal gown, make sure your accessories don’t let you down! And they won’t if you invest in Freya Rose!

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