How To: Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses look absolutely gorgeous – I love that each of the bridesmaids gets to radiate their own personality and sense of style. There are definitely a few rules to abide by if you’re going for mismatched dresses for your bridesmaids.


Ways to mismatch:


Different shades of the same colour  

diff shades same colour

Image source: South Bound Bride

This works so well, especially with neutrals and especially if it ties in with your wedding theme colours.


Different dresses in the same colour

diff dress same colour-6

Image source: Belle the Magazine

This is a great option for bridesmaids with different body types. The dress that looks stunning on your 6ft slim bridesmaid may not be perfect for you petite and curvy bridesmaid.


Same dresses in different colours

same dresses diff colours-11

Image source: Belle the Magazine

If you want to do the mismatched trend but still want to choose the dresses this is for you. You can choose to have a plethora of colours in pastels, bolds or neutrals, or pick out just a couple of colours for your bridesmaids to choose from.


Things to bear in mind:

Keep the length of the dresses the same This will help keep some cohesion between your bridesmaids.

Keep fabric the same Go for different dresses in the same fabric. For extra cohesion keep to the same theme (pastels, bold, neutral)

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