Six Little Ways to Save on your Wedding


Saving for a wedding is no mean feat – after you’ve decided on the venue and know what it will cost you, you’ll have a good idea of the cost you’ll be incurring for your big day. There are plenty of useful guides online to help you figure out the average cost of the wedding you want, whether it’s big or small. When you have this figure, it’s time to set about how you save for it without reaching for the credit card. Here are 5 little ideas that can equate to big savings for your wedding.


Collect £2 Coins

Together, make a decision not to spend any £2 coins you receive in change and instead, put them to one side in a jar. You’ll be surprised at how quickly this can mount up and you’ll find yourself buying £2 from friends and family in a bid to collect more! It quickly becomes commonplace not to spend a certain coin and it’s a great way to boost the wedding savings. Every few months, deposit the coins into your account to keep track on how much they’ve added to your savings.


Scrutinize Your Direct Debits

Okay, so you can’t cancel the council tax direct debit, but how about that subscription to that online service you barely ever use? Or that direct debit for the club you were once an active member of but can’t remember the last time you went. Together, you can clean up your direct debits and only pay for the things you genuinely need. Even if you only manage to reduce your direct debits by £10 a month, over 12 months that’s £120, easily enough for your bouquet.


Clear out Your Wardrobe… and Beyond

If your wardrobe is overdue a clear out, now is the time to do it. Spend the day with your fiancé going through your wardrobe and heading up into the loft in order to find items you can sell on eBay. You’ll be surprised at what you gain from de-cluttering, after all one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.


Skip the Friday Night Pub Visit

If you find yourself winding down at the end of the week with a few drinks at the pub or a big night out, you’ll soon find your cash being eaten up. This doesn’t mean you have to sit at home bored out of your brain, grab a bottle of wine from the shop and invite friends over – you’ll still be socialising and enjoying a drink but for a fraction of the cost of that bar tab.


Shop Around for Necessary Bills

Of course, you have to pay your energy bills and your insurance, but when was the last time you checked what the other service providers are offering? Companies will often incentivise the switch making it a cheaper option than the rate or premium you are currently paying, so head to comparison site Uswitch.comand see if there are savings to be made – they could be small or they could be significant, either way you’ll likely shave something off your monthly bills.


Work out Your Expendable Income and Challenge it

After all the necessary bills have left your account, look at how much you have left and start to work out after food, travel costs, savings and monthly treats exactly what is left. Look at ways to bulk up your savings and decrease your expendable income such as switching to a cheaper supermarket, buying petrol from a more competitively priced garage and packing lunches for work as opposed to grabbing that meal deal.

They may be little, but if you can make a commitment to these 6 ideas you are guaranteed to make an impact in your wedding savings and remember the earlier you start the more you’ll save, so crack on today!

Ready or Knot x

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