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A really good friend of mine recently got engaged, and after all the screaming, ‘OMG you’re getting marrieds’ and  a little more screaming, I asked her what must have seemed like a million wedding-related questions. Then I realised she, like any newly-engaged bride-to-be, would be hit by a wave of manic planning very soon, and so I turned to Ready or Knot’s selection of real brides for a few tips for my friend and every other bride-to-be. Enjoy!


ONE Don’t let the little things stress you out:

Alison: ‘Don’t stress about the little things, once you see your family and friends on the day those little things won’t matter!’


TWO Use technology to your advantage:

Sarah: ‘Use wedding planner app-useful for budget and all contacts information.’


THREE Enjoy the preparation:

Charlotte: ‘We were driving home one day and just decided to pick a date – completely unaware that many wedding-related essentials, such as venues and dresses etc. require more than 3 months’ notice!  In retrospect we probably should have given ourselves 6 months to organise everything, but it’s just as easy to allow wedding preparations become the focus of a relationship for too long.  Either way, it can be stressful.  Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for help – it’s more than likely they would feel honoured to pitch in and tie lots of mini-bows!!!’


FOUR Marry the right person!

Liz: ‘Make sure that you are comfortable to be yourself around them and that you laugh together and support each other.’


FIVE Remember it’s your day:

Liz: ‘It’s YOUR day.  Everybody will have an opinion on what you should and shouldn’t do.  Ignore them! This is your day to be selfish and you and your partner should not do anything other than what you both want to do for your wedding.’


SIX Make sure you book a videographer! 

Claudia: ‘Watching our wedding back was great as you do miss things throughout the day and you then have those memories forever!’


SEVEN Work with your budget:

Scarlett: ‘When something seems out of your budget, don’t worry; use it as an exercise in creativity. It takes more creative-ness when working with a budget than without. We tried to find something to put the flowers in, in the Church, with all ideas working out a lot of money. Then I had an idea to use my dad’s wine making demijohns. They were free, and also a little nod to my childhood spent making wine with him.’


EIGHT Don’t stress about a theme.

Frances: ‘We just picked things we liked and didn’t worry too much about the details, which was great as it meant the whole planning process was pretty stress free. Weddings are pretty simple things to plan if you break them down to the bare bones!’


NINE Decide what is important to you and focus your budget on that

Frances: ‘We decided in advance that the things people remember about weddings are the venue, food and how good the evening entertainment is, so the reception was where we focused more of our budget. The food, by Aubrey Allen was delicious and got a lot of compliments from guests.’


TEN Don’t obsess over ‘perfect’

You’re a bride and you want your special day to be perfect. But the truth is, it might rain, you might not have the ten tier cake you dreamt of as a little girl and your groom may get a little flustered when giving his speech. But as long as you marry the man/woman of your dreams and are surrounded by people who love you, you WILL have the perfect day. I promise.

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