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26 Sep 14

Things to know for the engagement shoot

When my sister got engaged, she had a bit of a battle to persuade her fiancée to agree to an engagement shoot. “We’re not Brad and Angelina, you know,” he said, but she had other plans. It’s probably my fault as I had persuaded her to go for it, but in the end, they were glad that they did it. To make sure that they got the most out of their engagement shoot, I prepared them well. They already knew the benefits of an engagement shoot, so it was just a case of telling them how to make the most of it. Have the style decided Do you want posed, natural, artsy, formal or casual photos? Think about what you want to use the photos for – will they be for the wedding invite, wedding decorations, guest book? Let this guide your decision.   Get the right outfits Whilst you […]

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18 Sep 14

Smartphone, smart pics

Thanks to the digital age, smartphone cameras are getting better and better so the quality of their photos is also improving. At my brother’s wedding recently, I think more people took photos using their phone than with a camera – pictures of his wedding were on Facebook before the reception had even started! Celebrities are getting in on the act as well. When Anna Wintour’s son got married, their day was immediately immortalised on Instagram. So how can you get decent photos from your smartphone? It’s not that difficult, but does take a bit of care and attention to detail. Here are some of my tips: Normal rules apply We’re talking about the rules of photography here. Just because you’re not using a real camera, doesn’t mean that you can forget the rules. Think about the lighting and the composition of the photo. Clean your lens It’s amazing what a […]

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11 Sep 14

London wedding photographers

Being a Londoner myself, people always ask me for recommendations on the best wedding photographers in London. This is a difficult one because people like different styles and they have different budgets – Fearne Cotton could probably afford a more expensive photographer than I could, for example! The main thing is to find someone with the right style and whom you get along with, and this doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive. Here are a few wedding photographers in London to suit different budgets.     Contemporary Wedding Contemporary Wedding has a modern approach to wedding photography and consists of two professional wedding photographers, each one following the bride and the groom. They offer unlimited time on the day and are happy to travel (although this will be included in the price).   Janis Ratnieks Wedding Photography Fashionable and glamorous are the words which describe these photos. They are also happy to […]

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04 Sep 14

Getting that vintage look for your wedding photos

Weddings haven’t escaped the popularity of vintage which seems to be appearing in all aspects of our lives. I have had a few people asking for vintage-style photos to suit their retro weddings. When one of my female friends got married recently, she spent months looking for the right vintage wedding dress, similar to the one which Millie Mackintosh wore, and it was important for her that her photos matched the dress. An important thing to remember is that not all wedding photos lend themselves to the vintage look, and so it’s best to speak to your photographer about which photos to use in that style. I have a few pointers on how to achieve this.   The obvious shots If you’re arriving in a VW Campervan or have a vintage dress, these are perfect opportunities for vintage shots. Take advantage of these. It’s not just in the photo effect. […]

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28 Aug 14

Your wedding: to video or not to video?

If you ask most couples for their advice on their wedding day, it will be to enjoy the day as it sweeps past so quickly. It is easy to miss or forget those little moments. By making a wedding video, you can ensure not a moment will be missed. The idea of being videoed might be a bit daunting. After all, we’re not all used to being in front of the camera like Emma Noble. When I suggested to my sister that she hire a videographer her first reaction was to dismiss it. I had already come up with a few arguments which persuaded her otherwise and here are the reasons why I think that filming a wedding is a good idea.   You don’t miss a moment As I said previously, the day passes quickly and the couple spends the whole day chatting to people and getting the formalities […]

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21 Aug 14

Take this! Your wedding shot list

Wedding photos are amongst the most important photos that we take in our lives. They’re the lasting memory of the special day, which can never be altered or forgotten so it’s important to get the right ones. When my sister got married she was worried that the photographer would miss out on some of the photos that she wanted. I reminded her that although the photographer has his own style, he’s working for her, and she should give him a shot list. I bet even Danny Jones and Georgia Horsley had specific photos that they wanted! To help my sister I came up with this list.   Before… Bride getting ready – don’t miss out on a few shots of the bride getting ready: putting on your makeup, having your hair done, your mum or bridesmaids helping you to get dressed, or the look on your father’s face when he […]

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14 Aug 14

Kent wedding photographers

People often ask me for wedding photographer recommendations. When my brother got married in Kent, I was determined not to photograph his wedding.  I really wanted to enjoy the day and not be working, so I pledged to help him to find the right photographer. My brother’s wedding ceremony was held at the same church as Jools Holland, a nice little church near Rochester. He and his bride-to-be were looking for a photographer who could capture the romance and emotion of the day. I helped him with his research and came up with a list of some of the best wedding photographers in Kent.   Graham Scott Studio Graham Scott Studio is a small and friendly studio with almost 25 years of experience. Their photographs follow a fairly traditional style and they can print your wedding album. Since they are also a family portrait studio, they are very used to […]

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07 Aug 14

Wedding albums in the digital age

In today’s world of digital cameras, Instagram and smartphones, it could be suggested that wedding albums aren’t worth having. After all, by having your photos on a CD or saved on your computer, you can access them whenever you like. However, when people ask me if they should invest in an album, I always tell them that they should. Weddings photos are a piece of art. I loved the look of the photos from Anna Wintour’s son wedding. They are so beautifully composed and really should be seen and touched in real life, not on a computer screen. The touch, the smell, the look… When people are in doubt about whether to get a wedding album, I tell them to imagine showing their wedding photos to their children.  There’s something about being gathered around an album and not a computer screen. The action of going through a special album, turning […]

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31 Jul 14

Why you shouldn’t ask friends or family to be wedding photographers

Weddings are expensive beasts, so when couples look to save money, they often think about ditching the professional photographer and getting a friend to take the photos. Funny, as photos are probably what will keep the memories alive and the only thing that will not fade with time. When my sister told me that she was thinking about asking her friend to take her wedding photos, I almost cried. “Do you really think that you’ll get photos like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s from a friend?” I asked her, as I set about my case for defence… Quality photos Your friend may be good at holiday snaps, but have they ever shot a wedding before? I suspect not, and it’s a different ball game. Does your friend have professional equipment or an eye for composing a photo? Remember, these photos will be a lasting memory of the big day. The […]

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24 Jul 14

Questions to ask your photographer

When my sister got married she asked me about how to get the right wedding photographer for her. She wanted the photos to be special, looking as glamorous as Fearne Cotton when she married Jesse Wood.   Finding the right wedding photographer isn’t just about finding someone with the right style; it’s also about getting the right person and the right service for you. So the advice that I gave her was to look at portfolios, speak to photographers and ask some simple questions.   About the photographer Are you available on my date? How long have you been photographing weddings? How far in advance do I need to book? How would you describe your working style? Can you follow a shot list? What information will you need before the day? Do you know the venue already, and if not, will you need to go there before the wedding? Will […]

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