Picture-perfect wedding photographers

Choosing the right wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions that we make when planning weddings. When people ask for advice on which photographer to use, I always tell them to look at each photographer’s sample pictures, then meet them and make a decision based on that. Great wedding photos aren’t just about taking a picture of something nice; it’s about capturing the emotion and occasion so that people can relive those great memories for the rest of their lives.


The first step to perfect photographs: good photographers

We can’t all afford photographers such as Aaron Delesie who photographed Chrissy Teigen’s wedding with John Legend, but we can make sure that we get really great photos.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

When two of my good friends were looking to decide on a photographer for their wedding recently, I gave them some tips on what to watch out for when looking at sample wedding photos:

  • No missing parts. Tacky as it may be, Aunt Betty’s big flowery hat shouldn’t be cut off from the picture. Check that the photos are showing what they should be. Check that no heads or arms have been chopped off and that there are no rubbish bins in the background. Look at how the picture is composed, that the church steeple or the edge of the cake isn’t cut off and that the photo is centred properly.
  • Focus. There is nothing worse than a beautiful picture out of focus. This is a basic requirement. Imagine if all of your memories of the special day came back out of focus!Even if everyone was a bit tipsy, the photos shouldn’t be.
  • Careless mistakes. Sometimes the way that a picture is composed can look strange. It might have seemed like an arty and creative angle at the time but looking at it now we know it was a bad idea. Badly placed water cannons, bizarre poses or unfortunately placed signs are amongst the most common culprits.
  • Emotion. Have a look to see if the photographer has managed to capture emotion in the eyes of the people in their photos or whether they come across as robots. This is a good sign that the photographer ‘gets’ the couple.

I like to spend time with the future bride and groom to understand exactly what kind of photos they are looking for. Not all photographers’ styles suit everyone so couples really need to investigate before hiring theirs.

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