Wedding photograph styles – they’re not all the same!

Choosing a wedding photographer is a big decision. It can be central to how everyone remembers the big day and so it is vital that the right photographer and style is found. Different people have different tastes and want different results. Photographers usually specialise in one type of photograph style so it is definitely worth researching.

When my sister got married, she wanted to ensure that she had a true memory of her day, capturing the real essence of the wedding, whilst being modern. I really liked the photos from Poppy Delevingne’s wedding in Marrakesh. They were beautiful, stylish and yet showed personality and emotion. So bearing this is mind, I mulled over the different wedding photo styles to help my sister decide which one she should choose for her wedding.

Poppy Delevingne



This is the traditional, posed wedding photo that we all know and love.  There are marked times for the photos and no-one will be forgotten. There is a seemingly ‘standard format’ that photographers follow. They do, sometimes, seem a little wooden, don’t always capture the emotion and the energy of the day, and often require quite a bit of set up.

Traditional style


Documentary style

This is becoming increasingly popular with couples. The photographer spends the day capturing natural moments and there are little or no organised photo shoots. This style is great for individual and candid photos which record everything as the day unfolds. It does, however mean that you are left at the mercy of what the photographer is able to capture, and you can’t be entirely sure of what you’ll get in the end.

Documentary style



This style uses a mixture of posed and candid shots. It allows creativity to lead the way and can give some really beautiful photos. It can result in some imaginative and quirky pictures, which is wonderful for creative types, but maybe not what a more traditional couple would be after.


High fashion

Another style becoming increasingly popular is high fashion. This is where the images are even more posed and designed to give a magazine style shot. Great for those who want a celebrity look to their wedding photos, although it doesn’t allow for much emotion or candid moments.

My sister decided to go with the illustrative style for her wedding. It has just the right mix of artistic shots with a natural edge, giving her a really wonderful set of memories.

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