Engagement shoot: pose pre-“I Do!”

After my sister and her fiancée announced their engagement they came to me for advice about photos. When I told them that they should consider having an engagement shoot, they were a bit puzzled until I pointed out its benefits. Engagement shoots aren’t just for celebrities to have a chance to show off their sparkly ring, like when Drew Barrymore got engaged to Will Kopelman, but they are also useful for non-celebrities for many reasons.

A photo taken from Prince William’s and Kate Middleton’s engagement shoot


Get to know your photographer

A good relationship with your photographer is vital to get the best shots possible on the big day, so by having an extra shoot with them, everyone can get to know each other better. This means that you will be more relaxed and the photos will be more natural. Photographers and couples can discuss how things will work on the day, and what their expectations are for each other.


Get used to being photographed

For a lot of people, their wedding day is their first taste of being followed by a photographer. It can be strange at first, so an engagement shoot is ideal for you to get used to being a celebrity. There will be loads of cameras, not just the official photographer’s, so this’ll make you more at ease on the actual day, and those photos will be even more natural and beautiful.

Be as natural in front of the camera as Britt Maren


Get some great photos

An engagement photo shoot not only gives you a lovely set of photos of you as a couple, without anyone else, but also you get some great photos of you in different clothes. For those going for documentary style wedding photography, this adds another stage in the story and you can be as creative as you like. Photos can be used in the beginning of the wedding album, or on a save the date card.

I was delighted when my sister agreed to an engagement shoot and they even used some of the photos on their reception table indicators. I am certain that because of this, the wedding day photos were better as well.

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