Why you shouldn’t ask friends or family to be wedding photographers

Weddings are expensive beasts, so when couples look to save money, they often think about ditching the professional photographer and getting a friend to take the photos. Funny, as photos are probably what will keep the memories alive and the only thing that will not fade with time.

When my sister told me that she was thinking about asking her friend to take her wedding photos, I almost cried. “Do you really think that you’ll get photos like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s from a friend?” I asked her, as I set about my case for defence…

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Quality photos

Your friend may be good at holiday snaps, but have they ever shot a wedding before? I suspect not, and it’s a different ball game. Does your friend have professional equipment or an eye for composing a photo? Remember, these photos will be a lasting memory of the big day. The photos should capture moments and emotions as well as be in focus and not over-exposed.

Capture the moments

Let your friend enjoy the day

If your friend is a guest as well as the photographer, they won’t be able to relax, have a couple of drinks and enjoy the day. Do you want to do this to your friend?


A professional photographer can also give you a variety of options for the photos after the wedding. They can help you create an album, print some chosen high quality photos, help you create mugs, t-shirts, etc. And probably at a better price than if your friend does it for you.

What if your friend is ill on the day?

If you hire a professional photographer to shoot your wedding and they are ill, they will have a back-up ready and waiting.

I strongly recommend to everyone to get a professional photographer to take your wedding photos. We only have one wedding day (hopefully), so the memories are important.

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