Wedding albums in the digital age

In today’s world of digital cameras, Instagram and smartphones, it could be suggested that wedding albums aren’t worth having. After all, by having your photos on a CD or saved on your computer, you can access them whenever you like. However, when people ask me if they should invest in an album, I always tell them that they should.

Weddings photos are a piece of art. I loved the look of the photos from Anna Wintour’s son wedding. They are so beautifully composed and really should be seen and touched in real life, not on a computer screen.

Elizabeth Cordry and Charlie Shaffer, Anna Wintour's son

Elizabeth Cordry and Charlie Shaffer, Anna Wintour’s son

The touch, the smell, the look…

When people are in doubt about whether to get a wedding album, I tell them to imagine showing their wedding photos to their children.  There’s something about being gathered around an album and not a computer screen. The action of going through a special album, turning each intricately decorated, luxurious page adds to the notion of the magic of the day. I love the feel of a quality wedding album. A beautifully designed album which fits with the style of the photos is invaluable.

There is no substitute for that smell of a photo album. Our wedding day is one of the most important days of our lives, and it really deserves to be preserved in the best way possible. The waft of nostalgia when opening the album also makes up part of the emotion linked to that day when looking back at the memories.

Relive those special moments

Another benefit to presenting photos in an album is that this is almost the perfect way to frame them without putting them on the wall –let’s face it, we don’t always have that much wall space. Not only do we preserve them in the best environment possible, we give those special photos the perfect background.

To me it’s a no brainer whether to get a wedding album. This magical and unique day should be remembered in a magical and unique way.

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