Your wedding: to video or not to video?

If you ask most couples for their advice on their wedding day, it will be to enjoy the day as it sweeps past so quickly. It is easy to miss or forget those little moments. By making a wedding video, you can ensure not a moment will be missed.

The idea of being videoed might be a bit daunting. After all, we’re not all used to being in front of the camera like Emma Noble. When I suggested to my sister that she hire a videographer her first reaction was to dismiss it. I had already come up with a few arguments which persuaded her otherwise and here are the reasons why I think that filming a wedding is a good idea.

Conrad Baker with his bride Emma Noble

Conrad Baker with his bride Emma Noble


  1. You don’t miss a moment

As I said previously, the day passes quickly and the couple spends the whole day chatting to people and getting the formalities done. A videographer can capture all of those moments that the couple doesn’t. They can then curl up on a dark winter’s night and see what really happened on their wedding day as well as re-live how it was for them.


  1. You involve others

There will undoubtedly be some people who really want to be there on the special day, but, for some reason cannot. A video of the wedding would make a lovely gift to them, and make them feel part of the occasion even in their absence.


  1. You can get your guests on tape

In addition to, or in place of, a traditional guestbook, guests can be given the opportunity to record their special message to the couple. This adds another dimension and creates a lasting and entertaining memory.


  1. You can still have photos

Some videographers also make still photos, or can work alongside a wedding photographer, so that beautiful photos and albums are produced, meaning that you don’t miss out on anything.

Having photos and a video ensures the best wedding day memories

Capturing the big day on video means that the atmosphere and feeling of the day will never be forgotten, and I think that this is definitely worth the investment!

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