Getting that vintage look for your wedding photos

Weddings haven’t escaped the popularity of vintage which seems to be appearing in all aspects of our lives. I have had a few people asking for vintage-style photos to suit their retro weddings. When one of my female friends got married recently, she spent months looking for the right vintage wedding dress, similar to the one which Millie Mackintosh wore, and it was important for her that her photos matched the dress.

An important thing to remember is that not all wedding photos lend themselves to the vintage look, and so it’s best to speak to your photographer about which photos to use in that style. I have a few pointers on how to achieve this.


  1. The obvious shots

If you’re arriving in a VW Campervan or have a vintage dress, these are perfect opportunities for vintage shots. Take advantage of these. It’s not just in the photo effect. It’s also in the subject.

This bride with a carriage behind her is a good example.

  1. Use Photoshop

Photographers can use Photoshop in the post production to change the light and get a vintage, aged look.


  1. Choose the right photos

A whole album of vintage looking photos doesn’t always work well. The trick is in finding the right photos to change. Try to focus on the obvious shots as mentioned earlier, as well as some other relatively simple photos.


  1. Use black and white

Although not specifically vintage, black and white photos are similarly artistic and can make a nice contrast to the subtler colour changes which can be applied through Photoshop.


  1. Get into nature

Another obvious trick is to remember to omit modern objects. A photo of the happy couple in vintage-style clothing, in front of a 2013 car, doesn’t work. Take a walk into the woods, and get some shots in nature.


The trick to getting some good, vintage wedding photos isn’t just in changing the colours. Your photographer needs to concentrate on getting the right shots in the right places. Once you have these, the post production is simple.

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