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Being a Londoner myself, people always ask me for recommendations on the best wedding photographers in London. This is a difficult one because people like different styles and they have different budgetsFearne Cotton could probably afford a more expensive photographer than I could, for example! The main thing is to find someone with the right style and whom you get along with, and this doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive.

Fearne Cotton and Jesse Wood

Fearne Cotton and Jesse Wood

Here are a few wedding photographers in London to suit different budgets.


London, beautiful London


Contemporary Wedding

Contemporary Wedding has a modern approach to wedding photography and consists of two professional wedding photographers, each one following the bride and the groom. They offer unlimited time on the day and are happy to travel (although this will be included in the price).


Janis Ratnieks Wedding Photography

Fashionable and glamorous are the words which describe these photos. They are also happy to travel. Although at the higher end of the budget, they continuously get rave reviews!


MIKI Photography

This documentary style wedding photographer describes himself as natural, relaxed and creative. Being different and non-traditional, MIKI offers a truly unique experience and beautiful photos.


Richard Sena Photography

Richard Sena Photography is a less expensive choice, starting from a quarter-day price of £345 with additional options. The quality is still good, but they cut out some of the added extras that not everybody wants.


Martin Jason Photography

This is another less expensive photographer, whose different options can make your wedding photography more affordable. They offer from 1 hour coverage to full day which means that you can choose exactly what you desire.


Harmit Kambo Photography

Harmit Kambo is a documentary style photographer who offers a range of packages from £250 to £975 for a full day.  With a vibrant and retro/vintage style, Harmit Kambo produces fashionable and stylish photos at a mid-budget, affordable price.

London has a wide range of photographers to choose from. If you like who I’ve mentioned, look at their portfolios and try to meet them before making a decision.

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