Smartphone, smart pics

Thanks to the digital age, smartphone cameras are getting better and better so the quality of their photos is also improving. At my brother’s wedding recently, I think more people took photos using their phone than with a camera – pictures of his wedding were on Facebook before the reception had even started! Celebrities are getting in on the act as well. When Anna Wintour’s son got married, their day was immediately immortalised on Instagram.

One of the many photos posted on Instagram of Charlie Shaffer's and Elizabeth Cordry's wedding

One of the many photos posted on Instagram of Charlie Shaffer’s and Elizabeth Cordry’s wedding

So how can you get decent photos from your smartphone? It’s not that difficult, but does take a bit of care and attention to detail. Here are some of my tips:

Normal rules apply

We’re talking about the rules of photography here. Just because you’re not using a real camera, doesn’t mean that you can forget the rules. Think about the lighting and the composition of the photo.

Clean your lens

It’s amazing what a difference having a clean lens makes. Phones are often kept in pockets or bags which can dirty the lens very quickly. Use a tissue or soft rag to clean it; worst case scenario you can use the corner of a shirt, but don’t make a habit of it!  Once in a while (like before the wedding), clean it properly with some lens cleaning solution.

Don’t bother with the zoom

Whilst most smartphone cameras have the option to zoom, it usually worsens the quality of the picture. Instead of zooming in, crop the photo to keep it looking good and properly focused.

Forget the flash

Smartphones don’t take pictures with flashes very well. The point of a flash is to create a strobe-like effect which freezes a picture. The phone’s built-in flash isn’t able to do this properly, often making the picture blurry and giving it strange lighting. You’re better off trying to find natural light.

As much as possible use natural light

When you’re short of pocket or bag space, a smartphone camera is an ideal option. Follow my top tips to get great looking photos!

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