Photo booth pros and cons

It seems like the new trend hitting the wedding world is having a photo booth to capture funny or interesting shots of your wedding guests. I wonder if George Clooney will have one at his wedding – there are sure to be a lot of beautiful, creative people there!

I would love to see the pictures from their photo booth!

I would love to see the pictures from their photo booth!

I recently went to a friend’s wedding where they had a photo booth and, I have to say, it received a lot of attention.  People were in and out of it all evening and they did get some good shots from it.


Funny and silly photos

This, I suppose, is the main point of having a photo booth at your wedding. You allow your guests to be creative and give you their personal memories of your day.


Loads of drunken shots

This is the downside of it. Whilst you may end up with some great photos, you are also very likely to get loads and loads of the same drunken photos from the same guests.



We’ve all tried to see how many of us can be piled into a photo booth (I think that about eight is the maximum…) and weddings should be about fun. You can use your photo booth as part of your wedding entertainment to keep your guests occupied.

The more, the merrier!


The biggest ‘con’ is the price. Photo booths can be pretty expensive, not to mention the cost of getting it to the venue! It’s definitely worth checking the price out before setting your heart on having one. You will still need to hire a photographer to take photos outside the booth… photos of the actual celebration!

I thought that the photo booth was a great idea at my friend’s wedding. It really came up with some beauties and it was great fun. When you take into account the cost of other entertainment such as bands, magicians, flamenco dancers, the price doesn’t seem so steep. Do remember though, that it should be seen as entertainment and not as an alternative to a wedding photographer!

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