What to wear for your engagement shoot

I’ve always believed that an engagement shoot is a great idea, mainly because it gives you the chance to become comfortable with the photographer and familiar with being in front of the camera. We’re not all as used to being in front of a camera like George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin, so this is good practise for the big day.

I find that when I am photographing an engagement shoot, a lot of the couples forget to think about the clothes they are going to wear and then suddenly panic on the morning of the shoot. When people ask me for outfit advice, there are a few pointers which I give them.

With a little bit of planning and practice we can look just as good as them!

ç With a little bit of planning and practice we can look just as good as them!


  1. Be YOU

This shoot is supposed to naturally capture the essence of you both as a couple. Go through your wardrobe and find the clothes that you feel comfortable in and that you think capture you as a person.


  1. Location

Think about where you’re going have the photos taken and pick an outfit to suit it. Are you going to be inside, outside, in a football stadium, at an ice rink?


  1. Complimentary outfits

Try to coordinate your outfits to some extent. This doesn’t mean his and hers tracksuits, but having colours or details which complement each other. This could be a small thing like a red hat for her and the same shade of red socks for him.


  1. Colours

Pretty much anything goes with colours, as long as they suit you. However, black, although slimming, should be avoided because it shows every speck of dust, and you should reserve white for your wedding day.


  1. Still undecided?

Can’t choose between two different outfits? Take them both. It’s always good to have options. You can speak to your photographer about which one would work best or you can always change in the middle of the shoot!

The most important thing is that you’re comfortable.


Although these are guidelines, they’re not set in stone. The trick to getting a great photo is that you are comfortable so this should be the most important thing. The rest is up to you.

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