Time to trash the dress!

More and more people are having a post-wedding photo shoot. This means getting the dress and tux back on for one last time, maybe going to some unique locations and getting some beautiful and creative shots. What could be more fun?

A beautiful moment caught on camera.

A beautiful moment caught on camera.

You spent all of that money on the Kim Kardashian style wedding dress to only wear it once and in one location. With a post-wedding shoot, you can look amazing once again and really make the most of that dress. My sister decided on a post-wedding day photo shoot in the park where they first met. These photos now make up a valuable part of their wedding photos collection.

Here are a few reasons why I think that a post wedding day shoot is a great idea.

Different locations

If you got married in the city, the chances are that most of your photos were indoors. In this shoot you can visit different locations and get different styles of photos.

More relaxed           

Although your wedding day (hopefully) was one of the best days of your life, it was probably quite stressful. By having a separate shoot you can relax, have fun and get some beautifully natural photos of the two of you.

Outfit changes                                     

While this shoot is mainly about showing off your wedding dress, you can also change outfits as much as you like. You can take your reception outfit or anything else that you wish to use.


Depending on where you go there can be a chance of finding props to make the photos more interesting. The woods, a windmill, or even the London Eye can add a unique touch to your photos.

A stunning backdrop for an intimate photograph.

A stunning backdrop for an intimate photograph.

Trash the dress

Some brides talk about having a ‘trash the dress’ session, where they have their photo taken trashing their wedding dress. This might mean going in the sea, lying in mud, or any other creative idea that you might have.

A post wedding day shoot can be something fun and yet extremely valuable. You will have more time and can be more relaxed to get a whole variety of new and natural photos.

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