Bridal sample sales: everything you need to know

I personally love it when retailers discard excess merchandise at discounted rates at sample sales. If you’re bold, unique and open minded, getting your wedding dress from a sample sale may be an excellent move.  Here are a few starters.

Rosa Clara wedding dress


Sales 101

Having the courage to shop at a sample sale already shows that you’re a little savvy, but if you want to buy your wedding dress at one, you will need to get even savvier. Have a clear idea of what fits you best so that when you’re there you can save time in trying things on.

Also, get familiar with the system of shopping at these sales. Normally they are held at offices or warehouses with little to no advertising, so get the specific address.  When there, it’s an absolute must that you thoroughly check all the items before purchasing.  All sales are final. If you purchase something with a few missing buttons, it’s better if you know beforehand.

Jenny Packham wedding dress


How and where

Sample sales are usually held at various fashion districts. My friend travels to New York for sample sales. During one of her trips, she even saw a celebrity! But don’t worry; they have sample sales in the UK as well! In the summer, there are tons going on, and you can search on various fashion sites like Elle or Sales Gossip to see when and where they’re being held. Some sales do require an appointment, so make sure that you call to book a time if requested.

You may not get the outcome you’re seeking from your first sale. Give yourself some time and remain diligent. It’s better if you go early. The earlier you go, the better chance you have of getting what you like and seeing your options. It’s really a great way to get a gorgeous wedding dress at a great rate, but be patient and persistent. You will eventually find your dream dress. Good luck!

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