Mistakes to avoid when shopping for your wedding dress

You’re getting married soon, and you can’t wait to buy your wedding dress. I don’t blame you; this is one of the most exciting parts! Just be careful when shopping for your dress. I’ve been doing this for years and have seen brides make the same mistakes over and over again. Read on and learn from their mistakes.

The right to your opinion It may sound corny, but your opinion in making choices is important. If you’re planning to go shopping with Mum, Aunt Dorothy, your best friend Kate and her friend’s cousin who is a seamstress, your decision is already at risk. I’m sure they all have your best interest at heart, but too many opinions can lead to confusion and frustration, so do yourself a favour and just take two people who are always honest with you and know your style the best.


Discount traps

Bargains are great, but sometimes they can be traps, so beware. Samples sales or online deals need to be thoroughly checked before a purchase. I know of a lady that purchased a stunning designer wedding gown, quite similar to the one Jelena Ristic wore to her wedding to Novak Djokovic, from a sample sale. After the gown was purchased, with no way to be returned, they discovered some of the lace had been torn. There were also a few alteration flaws that cost her hundreds of pounds to correct. I’m all for discounts, but when buying your dress, always check for damage and think about potential extra costs.

Novak Djokovic and Jelena Rustic


Early bird blues

Start shopping for your dress only when you’re actually ready to buy it. If you try on too many dresses, you won’t remember what you liked about each one. Plus, there’s the possibility of falling in love with the perfect wedding dress and not being able to bring it home with you just yet.

Now that you’ve learned from the common mistakes most brides make when wedding dress shopping, you’re all set to find your own. Good luck!

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