Perfecting your plans for an awesome wedding dress

Women typically have an innate instinct to be meticulous planners and there’s no better event to carefully plan than your own wedding. I’ll be sharing shopping and saving tips to assist you on your path to that special day. Follow me to achieve your desired bridal look within your budget, the up most admiration of your groom, and your guests gawking in awe.

Where to start

When it comes to your wedding dress, a shopping timeline is imperative. Start your planning at least a year in advance, beginning with your budget.  When deciding how much you’re willing to spend, don’t overlook small purchases like taxes, shipping costs, accessories and alterations.  Small things do add up, and if you’re not careful, those little things can offset your budget.

Up next is planning your look.  It’s a must that your look compliments the environment.  The gown you choose for an upscale hotel would be different from the dress you’d wear at a botanical garden terrace. Can you imagine wearing a full ball gown at a sunny beachside wedding? That could turn out to be pretty hot and uncomfortable. We wouldn’t want that, so plan accordingly.   Remember to find out the silhouette that best suits your stature – something I will help you with later, of course!

Good places to start looking at different styles and prices are Vivi Dress and OK Dress. If you’re not price conscious, Vera Wang is also great.  She offers a variety of planning resources for brides and more fantastic tips.

New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week

The countdown begins

When you’re down to 6-8 months before the day, it’s time to buy the dress.  Since you’ve planned so well, you’ll just “know” the dress that’s best for you.   From there, you can start getting your undergarments, hair accessories and shoes…And don’t forget the perfume!

Within 3 months of your big day, many designers advise that you should have your first fitting.  Make sure that you take your undergarments, accessories and shoes to your fitting so you can see the overall look.

As the big day approaches, start practicing your Kate Moss cat walk in your dress and shoes.  Some may advise that you go for another fitting a month before and even another one two weeks prior, but the important thing is to make sure you’re comfortable in your dress.  Once that’s down, you are almost there to your new “Mrs” title.

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