Tuxedo or suit for the grooms?

Grooms,, I’ll let you in on a little secret; women go absolutely gaga seeing their men in suits. A good-looking suit or tuxedo unleashes the inner, dashing James Bond. Now there’s a man who knows how to work the formal wear and look impeccable whether playing baccarat at a casino, jumping on fast-moving trains or fighting villains bent on world domination. Yet these stellar events will have to take a back seat when it comes to your most important day of all, your wedding day.

The question is, “Should you wear a suit or a tuxedo?”And what’s the diff anyway?

The main difference between a suit and a tux is the presence of satin. A typical tux has satin on the lapels, buttons, pocket lining, as well as a satin stripe down the leg of the trousers. Suits don’t integrate satin and have either plastic or cloth-covered buttons. Tuxes are worn with bow ties and a vest or cummerbund, while suits are worn with a tie and may or may not be accompanied by a vest or braces.

Brad Pitt in a tuxedo


Tied up

Now, if it is a formal, black tie affair, then a suit may not be the appropriate choice, and you should wear a tuxedo. Besides, this is one of the biggest days of your life; you’d like to wear something more superior from what you’d wear to the office. A tux says, “Today is a special day!” and makes you stand out from the rest of the wedding guests. (I’ve attended weddings when it was hard to single out the suited groom in the crowd!)

The caveat with tuxedos is that they’re quite expensive. If you’re on a budget, you can check out tuxedo rental places. Keep in mind that rented tuxes can be ill-fitting, so best to make the rental reservation way in advance to have more choices available. Do consider investing in a good tux. You´ll be surprised how much mileage you´ll get out of it in future formal gatherings.

If your wedding is a more casual affair, wear a good suit and dress it up with a nice tie, shoes and a handkerchief in the pocket.

David Beckham in a suit

Of course, don’t forget to coordinate with your bride-to-be! You shouldn’t clash with her bouquet or look over or underdressed beside her wedding gown.

With the right fit, even you can out-dash James Bond on your wedding day.

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