Wedding flowers: budget blooms

Other than the blooming bride, flowers are essential blooms at every wedding. But what if you’re on a tight budget?

Just because you have to cut your budget doesn’t mean you have to nip the buds. There are several smart ways to save and make your flowers go a long way.

Consider first what kind of flowers you want. If you’re passionate about roses, like I am, then it would be a good idea to directly order them from a rose farm, where you can avail of a big discount. Red roses are classic and beautiful; I still remember the big, blooming red bouquet that an old friend held as she walked down the aisle, a dramatic touch against her white wedding dress. And you may want to avoid having a wedding in February when the prices of roses are much higher for Valentine’s Day.

The father of the bride with a beautiful rose bouquet


Reasonable seasons

Other beautiful wedding blooms are carnations, hydrangeas and tulips. Remember that flowers in season are always more affordable, so if you’re having a spring wedding, tulips are a budget-friendly option. Hydrangeas and peonies are aplenty in the summer and are popular choices for June brides. Roses are autumn blooms. In the winter, seasonal orchids are beautiful accessories to embellish reception table centrepieces. Carnations are in season all year round.


Smart reuses

Another way to save is to have smaller, simpler bouquets for your bridesmaids and then reuse them at the reception site as decorations for the dessert or guest book table.  And by all means, repurpose the decorative flowers from the wedding ceremony at the reception.

Have simpler bouquets for the bridesmaids

Also try to limit flowers in the decorations and instead incorporate other wedding props like candles, fruits, pearls or beautiful fabric.


Toss the bouquet tossing

Why not consider not throwing your bouquet? The practice of throwing the bouquet is arguably a dying tradition with many modern couples opting not to do it to be more sensitive to their single friends or because they are older and there are not many singles left among their guests.

Follow these tips and you might not be the only one blooming at your wedding!

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