Grooms, it’s time to suit up!

Men, it’s not every day you get to be the groom and marry the woman of your dreams. If there is one day in your life when you need to look your best in an impeccable suit (or tux!), this is it. (Yes, today is the day you can fulfil your James Bond fantasy as well).

While it’s completely understandable to want to rent a suit for budget reasons, if you can afford to buy one, do it! It’s a worthy investment. The problem with renting a suit is that you can’t tailor it, and you risk wearing an ill-fitting suit that you’ll greatly regret.

Suit up!


Classic choices

When choosing a suit, go for a classic style. I suggest a single-breasted, two-button suit with lapels that have satin or grosgrain finishes. The type of fabric should depend on the season. Wool is an ideal, wrinkle-resistant fabric that works well all year round, while cotton will keep you cool during the spring and summer. A linen suit is a light fabric good for beach weddings, though it can wrinkle easily.

Remember to make sure that an inch of your shirtsleeve peeks out from the suit sleeves to show off stylish cufflinks and finish the look.

Look as good in a suit as David Beckham


Dress up with details

You need to dress up your suit so you won’t look like you’re going to the office, or worse, blend in with the rest of the entourage. Elegant details make your suit more wedding appropriate and let you stand out as the groom.

Cufflinks, pocket squares, vests, bow ties and boutonnieres are smart accessories that you can incorporate into your suit. Consider the colour palette of the wedding and coordinate this with your accessories. Linen pocket squares also look great with a wool suit.

Boutonnieres are a sophisticated touch that will distinguish your suit from the rest. Choose a flower that can last such as a rose or calla lily. Before pinning them on the suit, keep them fresh in a small jar of water hours before the ceremony.

Don’t forget to match your suit with your shoes! With the right suit details, you’ll feel like a million dollars on your big day!

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