Sheath wedding dresses hug me tender

It’s hard to be the Duchess of Cambridge. There are so many official duties like travelling the world and taking care of the next heir to the throne! But one great perk is that she gets to show off her impeccable style. In my book, she has become a fashion icon spreading the love for the well-cut sheath dress.

Sheath dresses, or column dresses, are named after their pillar-like shape. The dress seams run vertically from the shoulders to the hips. Personally, this is my favourite silhouette for wedding dresses apart from the empire waist, as the long, non-flared style exudes so much elegance. However, it is a bit tricky to wear and not every woman can get away with it.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge with Prince George


Show off your curves

This body-clinging style is very flattering for women with well-balanced, curvy figures. Eva Longoria and Liz Hurley have flawlessly pulled off sheath cocktail dresses that hugged their natural curves. So if you’ve been hitting the gym religiously and successfully mastered the art of juicing in time for your wedding day, this form-fitting dress shape is the best way to show off that new bod!


If you are tall and slim, the sheath dress would look great on you as this accentuates your svelte silhouette. Even petite brides with hourglass figures can wear this shape and flaunt their curves while creating an illusion of height. But if you’re conscious about tummy bulge or lean on the pear-shaped body type, then you’d want to avoid column wedding gowns as they would emphasise your trouble spots. On a personal note – my favourite sheath cocktail dress had to hide in the closet for a few months until I lost my extra belly fat. This is truly a demanding one!


Summer wedding sheath

Tying the knot at the beach? Knee-length wedding dresses look fabulous with the sheath silhouette. They are a departure from the traditional floor-length wedding gowns, but they cater to the modern bride’s needs. Best to consult your tailor for the most flattering hemline on you.

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