Bride on a budget

Every bride dreams of walking down the aisle wearing that perfect wedding dress. Usually, though, that dream comes with a hefty price tag – especially if you’re looking for a couture creation.

If you’re more practical than sentimental, a dress worn only once in your life does sound like an expensive investment. But you don’t need to sacrifice style for savings. These days, there are many smart ways to save on your wedding dress, and even score a designer label!

You can have the wedding dress of your dreams regardless of your budget!

You can have the wedding dress of your dreams regardless of your budget!

From sale to sample

One way of scoring a beautiful dress on a budget is to scour the bridal sales. Many stores offer big discounts for last season’s collections. Even better if you discover a discontinued dress, the store can’t order them anymore so they can sell them for rock bottom prices.


Second-hand style

There are many websites that offer second-hand, designer wedding dresses at incredibly cheap prices. Sites like Preloved or Once Wed are virtual treasure troves of used, beautiful gowns (including original Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier creations!) at discounted rates. If you want to get some money back, you can also sell your gown after the ceremony at Pre Owned Wedding Dresses.

Who wouldn’t want a dress by Monique Lhuillier?

White label

Who needs labels? If you are having a more casual wedding, consider getting a white dress that’s not necessarily sold as a wedding dress. A friend of mine even looked for white bridesmaid’s dresses and found the perfect one for half the price.


Tell it to the tailor

Ask around for a reasonable and reliable seamstress who can copy dress patterns using affordable textiles of your choice or rework a white or second hand dress with unique accents like lace and beadwork.

Of course, the final touch is up to you. Wear your gown with grace and confidence and no one will ever know it was purchased from the second hand rack!

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