Give me an A line wedding dress

If there is one wedding dress silhouette that is universally flattering, it’s the A-line. This is the easiest and most versatile style to wear and it’s the perfect choice if you plan on dancing the night away at your wedding reception!

A line dresses are beautiful no matter their length

A line dresses are beautiful no matter their length

Early Christian history

As the name suggests, this style is fitted at the waist and flares out towards the hem to form an ‘A’ shape.   Most A-line dresses are supported with a built-in petticoat or a stiff slip to emphasize the A form. Its length ranges from above the knee to full length. The Princess version amplifies the drama with vertical panels running from the neckline to the hem.

Though this silhouette has been around for ages, it was Christian Dior who first coined the term ‘A-line’ during his Spring 1955 collection that featured a flared jacket over a full pleated skirt that flared out at the hemline. Later on, Dior’s successor Yves Saint Laurent continued to develop this dress shape with then ground-breaking styles such as the trapeze dress. The 60s and 70s saw the explosion of A-line skirts everywhere.


The A list

The A-line owes its popularity over the decades to its versatility. (I call it the Sprite of wedding dresses – it works well with everything.) Because this design defines the waist, it gives women with straight figures more shape, or downplays those with bigger hips (like me!). For top-heavy women, it balances out the bust line to create an hourglass shape.

Brides who want to look slimmer can leverage the Princess cut, with elongated lines that have a slimming effect. Petite women can also take advantage of the A-line through a long, unbroken silhouette from the waist that gives the illusion of length.


An elegant silhouette that flatters everyone

Now for an A-plus: A-line gowns are ideal for any occasion, whether it’s a formal traditional ceremony or an outdoor wedding. Compared to the more striking (but more cumbersome) ball gown design, the A-line achieves a dramatic effect but with greater comfort.

To sum up, whatever your body shape, height or level of occasion – the A line can work for you. That said, give me an A!

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