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Thailand Weddings

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18 Aug 14

Thailand Wedding Venues

Well I have to say that for Thailand wedding venues, you are spoilt for choice when it come to a wedding venue. Many couples choose to have a beach wedding with sunshine pretty much guaranteed and there are many resorts for this, Phuket, Hua hin and Koi Samui being some of the popular choices. But many couples like the idea of a city wedding in Bangkok with its incredible nightlife, and  of those couples choosing to have a beach wedding, most couples stay in Bangkok for their first couple of nights so that they can sort out attire and indulge in a little shopping. The Terminal 21 shopping centre is a fantastic place for this with 9 floors all themed and looking like an airport with arrivals and departure labels on each floor escalators. You leave the Japan level to San Fransisco with themed floors and shops to match, and a variety of restaurants serving delicacies […]

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31 Jul 14

Wedding Dress Thailand

Wedding Dress Thailand Probably one of the most important purchases for a Bride is the Wedding dress, with that in mind, I wanted to investigate what you can buy in Thailand. I started with one of the top wedding dress designers in Thailand Ganit. Tucked away in a small back street, I was welcomed by the owner herself, I had spoken with her on the phone and she appeared to speak good English, but Thai’s have a habit of saying yes, no problem, even when they do not understand you, but I was soon in deep conversation about the market in Thailand and found her English to be perfect.   Regarded as one of the top 5 wedding dress designers in Thailand, Ganit bespoke creations start at £1,600 and go all the way up to £5,000, these prices are what you would expect to pay in the UK for and […]

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24 Jul 14

Wedding in Thailand | Coup Latest News

Should I worry about the Coup in Thailand I thought it would be a good idea to just update everyone on the current situation in Thailand following the Coup detat, especially as I am sure many people are getting ready for their Honeymoon or Wedding in Thailand. Firstly, do not worry, I would suspect that most of what you will have read is media sensationalism. I was staying in the North of the country when it happened and the week after I had to go to Bangkok, I cannot deny I was a little worried, but I was in Bangkok for a week and I could not believe that nothing had changed, everybody was getting on with life as normal, no military anywhere that I could see, I know they are there in certain areas, but not anywhere tourists would usually go. Beach Shot from Pattaya. Tourist resorts like Pattaya, Phuket, Hua […]

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22 Jul 14

Weddings Thailand

Weddings & Honeymoons in Thailand Thailand is regarded as one of the top destinations in the world for Weddings, and in April 2014 and for the third year running, Thailand received an award from Travel & Leisure Magazine whose readers voted it as the Best Destination for Wedding, once again confirming its top 10 position in the world. With incredible pristine beaches, world class hotels and a tropical climate, Thailand is a favorite of Brits for Honeymoons and Destination Weddings. From 2012 to 2013 Thailand had over 750,000 visitors for honeymoons and weddings alone and they plan to continue this growth over the coming years. I have been involved within the wedding industry for over 15 years and now live in Thailand, as Editor of this blog for Weddings Thailand I will provide you with local help for anyone looking to get married or Honeymoon in Thailand. Many brides are unsure whether to bring their dress […]

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