Wedding Dress Thailand

Wedding Dress Thailand

Probably one of the most important purchases for a Bride is the Wedding dress, with that in mind, I wanted to investigate what you can buy in Thailand. I started with one of the top wedding dress designers in Thailand Ganit. Tucked away in a small back street, I was welcomed by the owner herself, I had spoken with her on the phone and she appeared to speak good English, but Thai’s have a habit of saying yes, no problem, even when they do not understand you, but I was soon in deep conversation about the market in Thailand and found her English to be perfect.

wedding dress Thailand


Regarded as one of the top 5 wedding dress designers in Thailand, Ganit bespoke creations start at £1,600 and go all the way up to £5,000, these prices are what you would expect to pay in the UK for and off the peg dress or a bespoke dress from an unknown designer. Thai culture is very different to the UK and the money spent and numbers at the wedding are equal to an Asian wedding in the UK, 500 plus guests and regularly topping 1,000 with every guest gifting money. Thai brides love extravagance and their dresses are full of detail and equal to any celebrity wedding dress you would have seen in Hello! magazine and Ganit certainly understands her customers and their personalities.

I walked around the premises and it was like a Tardis with another showroom for fittings, the noise of dressmakers sewing machines busily making the next dresses upstairs, and a new building for a new range that Ganit will be launching under a new brand into the UK. The new range will consist of around 60 designs and provide brides with an off the peg dress that most UK wedding dress shops provide.

The UK wedding dress sector these days is awash with dresses made in China and in my opinion, the quality is inconsistent and questionable to say the least. I once investigated the Chinese dress market and found a number of designers dresses were being made at the same factory for around $500, these were sold to shops for $1,000 and on to brides at $2,000, questionable to say the least.




Cheap Wedding Dresses

Having read about many horror stories in the UK in relation to brides buying dresses online for £100 to £150 only to find they needed more spent on alterations than they had paid for the dress, I wanted to see if you could buy a quality dress for £100+. I visited a number of wedding dress shops, some back street and others in shopping centres, including Terminal 21 in Bangkok where I was surprised to find a whole floor on the Tokyo level, this shopping centre is another blog post in itself, but there were a number of shops selling dresses for £100 upward, many were good quality and although not what a Thai bride would choose , probably more in-line with UK brides who usually prefer less extravagance.

I also found that what is true within many of the Thai markets, never accept the first price, to be true with many of the designers and shops. If you are having your wedding in Thailand, unless you require a bespoke wedding dress, which I would suggest you ensure that you are dealing with someone who speaks good English and plan for 6 weeks minimum for the dress to be made and at least one trip before the wedding to discuss your design and fitting, you can buy a beautiful dress here for the bottom price of a UK wedding dress. Budget £300 to £500 and you will find a real stunning quality dress here, including the new range from Ganit, subject to a little HELLO! name dropping and negotiation of course.

I have to say that my own pre-conceptions of the Thai wedding supplier sector was completely wrong, it is big business here and as you would expect, there are many specialist wedding suppliers offering a world class service. I will be looking at a number of different suppliers over the coming weeks within this blog, but from my preliminary investigations, I can confirm that you will get a first rate service from wedding suppliers in Thailand, but pretty much across the board, what you would pay as a minimum for a supplier in the UK, will get you one of the top names here in Thailand. If budgets are tight, there are plenty of suppliers looking for business and willing to negotiate. As for hotels and resorts, well Thailand is known for some of the best hotels in the World and I will be bringing you many of them in this blog, I will also try and negotiate some deals for our readers, so keep an eye out for the next posts.

Wedding dress images courtesy of Ganit

Name: Savitri Damrastharm,  Nick name: Ganit
20/1 Soi Nana-Nua Sukhumvit 3 Road,
Bangkok 10110 Thailand.

Tel: 66 2255 4756

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