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Should I worry about the Coup in Thailand

I thought it would be a good idea to just update everyone on the current situation in Thailand following the Coup detat, especially as I am sure many people are getting ready for their Honeymoon or Wedding in Thailand. Firstly, do not worry, I would suspect that most of what you will have read is media sensationalism. I was staying in the North of the country when it happened and the week after I had to go to Bangkok, I cannot deny I was a little worried, but I was in Bangkok for a week and I could not believe that nothing had changed, everybody was getting on with life as normal, no military anywhere that I could see, I know they are there in certain areas, but not anywhere tourists would usually go.

Beach Shot from Pattaya.


Tourist resorts like Pattaya, Phuket, Hua Hin, etc are not affected at all, and there is no curfew for tourists anyway. I recently went to Pattaya and like all tourist resorts there is no military presence there what-so-ever, so do not worry. I would just say that the leader of one of the parties went to Chiang Mai with some of his followers and although I have not been there, I have seen a bit of media on Thai TV about a few problems there, but again nothing major.

The reality is that the current situation has made things much better, with no fighting or shootings in Bangkok. For me, one of the biggest and the real positives to come out of this, is that the poorest of Thai people, the Thai rice farmers who the government had owed Billions of Baht in payments for rice they had sold them over 7+ months ago, were paid within the 2nd week of the Coup. This was a really big deal as many poor farmers were getting into debt with loan sharks and, most forced to live off the land only. So although the world media may portray this as a bad thing, it is only temporary, has the King of Thailand’s support and in my view has only done good things for Thai people and the country.

So in short, please do not worry, I doubt you will even know anything is happening, and you should actually feel much safer than before. I hope this will help those of you coming to have your Wedding in Thailand and those on a Honeymoon to relax and look forward to an amazing time.


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